Copying Miis from the Nintendo Wii to your Mac is now possible by first transfering the Miis to one of your Wii remotes and then syncing that remote to your Mac over Bluetooth. Here are the detailed steps:

• Launch the Mii Channel on your Nintendo Wii. Click "Transfer Mii" and choose a remote to use. Hold the A and B buttons to click and drag a Mii to an available spot on your Wii remote.

• Turn off your Nintendo Wii. This disconnects the Wii remote from your Wii and allows it to temporarily sync to your Mac.

• Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your Mac.

• Launch Wii Transfer and click Miis. Wii Transfer will not allow Wii remote syncing until this pane is activated.

• Press the 1 and 2 buttons on the remote simultaneously for a couple of seconds.

• Wii Transfer should connect to your Wii remote and begin copying the Miis.

• Click on a Mii to view a larger version and save it as a JPEG.

Try these strategies if the Miis fail to load:

• After an error, simply hold 1 and 2 again and Wii Transfer will recover and copy the Miis successfully.

• Restart Wii Transfer and sync your Wii remote again by holding the 1 and 2 buttons.

• Upgrade to Adobe's Flash version 10 or later (Wii Transfer uses Flash to render the Miis). You can download the latest version of Flash at:

• In some cases the Wii remote will think it is still connected (blue lights continue flashing more than a few seconds). You can disconnect it by using the Bluetooth control panel in System Preferences.

• If all else fails, delete any "Nintendo" devices using the Bluetooth control panel in System Preferences.

A special note for "Click to Flash" users: When installed, Click to Flash will prevent the Mii feature from working. A future version of Click to Flash will likely work around this problem, but for now you will need to temporarily remove the Click to Flash plug-in while using Wii Transfer.

Still not working? Please check the Frequently Asked Questions online or email if you have any other questions.

There is a known issue that sometimes will cause your Bluetooth wireless mouse to move "slower" after transfering Miis. To fix this, just log out of your Mac and log back in.

Demo limits: For the demo version of Wii Transfer, Miis will be shown with a "" watermark. To remove this restriction, please purchase a full license for Wii Transfer and transfer your Miis again. See Purchasing.