Version 2.6.3 (4/2/2009)

• Added right-click on a Mii to open it in

• Fixed missing audio in some movie files and improved movie format support.

• Fixed missing artists and albums if their songs were not in a playlist.

• Fixed problem loading Miis twice from a file.

Version 2.6.2 (2/11/2009)

• Fixed many Mii issues such as aborted sessions, unending and slow renders without an error, better status messages, and problems copying Miis a second time.

• Save Mii data to Miis.plist file in Application Support folder. This file can be dragged to Wii Transfer's app icon to render later without Bluetooth.

• Increment music play count in iTunes when playing a song from the Wii.

• Fixed memory errors in picture slideshow with new implementation (for playing with no background music only).

• Removed small picture number buttons in slideshow, and removed some slideshow preferences (always uses fade).

• Cached movies pane is updated on startup to reflect movie files that were deleted elsewhere.

• Fixed progress bar when finishing streaming movie processing.

• Improved Wii screens to include breadcrumb-style navigation, full width lists, remember movies thumbnails or list view, and fixed scrolling on player lists.

• Fixed SD card export if cancelled, and improved SD card error messages.

• Reorganized preferences window into tabs and added preference for iTunes and iPhoto XML files for when Wii Transfer cannot find the correct iTunes or iPhoto libraries.

• Upgraded Perian and FFMPEG to latest versions with bug fixes and better movie format support, used internally for some conversion.

Version 2.6.1 (9/2/2008)

• Updated streaming movie quality setting for better playback performance.

• Fixed possible blank Mii rendering on some computers.

Version 2.6 (8/12/2008)

• Copy Miis to your Mac and save them as JPEG images.

• Added support for even more movie formats, including most MOV, AVI, MPEG4, H.264, and DivX.

• New movie conversion interface for easily finding movies in iTunes, iPhoto, and your Movies folder.

• Settings to restrict music and photos to specific iTunes playlists and iPhoto albums.

• Improved movie playback including skipping directly to any point on the timeline.

• Batch conversion for processing multiple movies for streaming.

• Preference to change the cache location for converted movies, and ability to delete unused movies.

• Many bug fixes and usability improvements.

Version 2.5.2 (10/31/2007)

• Improved movie conversion to use 2-pass encoding for more consistent performance.

• Updated movie streaming quality settings for better audio.

• Fixed case-sensitivity when filtering MP3 and AAC file extensions.

• Added log file to help troubleshoot conversion errors.

• Fixed help showing blank page.

• Fixed UI glitches on Leopard.

• Additional minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.5.1 (9/24/2007)

• Fixed crash when trying to convert movies that did not have a sound track.

• Fixed errors converting movies on PowerPC Macs.

Version 2.5 (9/20/2007)

• Movie streaming with drag-and-drop Flash Video conversion.

• Set background music for picture sharing.

• Browse Safari and Firefox bookmarks on your Wii.

• Revised user interface and more options.

• Much more efficient savd game backups algorithm.

• Search your music from the Wii.

• Use the Wii remote control pad up/down arrows to navigate sharing interface.

• iLife '08 compatibility.

• Other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Version 2.3.2 (7/28/2007)

• Fixed broken "Require password" preference.

• Fixed missing images when not using iPhoto's "Copy files to iPhoto" preference.

• Added new "Bubbles" transition choice to picture sharing.

• Movie conversion uses less memory while processing files.

• Improved compatibility with connecting to Wii Transfer from outside the local network.

• Improved reliability of finding album cover artwork.

• New bookmark link and instructions for registered users.

• Increased maximum photos per iPhoto album to 2000.

• Additional bug fixes and minor improvements.

Version 2.3.1 (6/27/2007)

• Fixed AAC files from being cut off the first time they are played.

• Start playing music before a song has finished loading.

• Fixed up-button on Wii remote for playlists screen, corrected remaining seconds display, and other minor UI improvements.

Version 2.3 (6/19/2007)

• Support for unprotected AAC files, including iTunes Plus tracks from the iTunes Music Store.

• Use the Nintendo Wii remote control buttons to navigate to the next song without pointing at the television.

• Improved music player interface.

• Shuffle the contents of iTunes playlists.

Version 2.2 (2/14/2007)

• iTunes playlist support and browsing by album.

• Preferences for picture sharing transitions and image duration.