Riverfold Software: Consulting

Hi, my name is Manton Reece. I'm the founder of Riverfold Software and the co-host of the Core Intuition podcast.

I've been building Mac apps for 20 years and iPhone apps for the last 5 years. I'm now working full-time as an independent developer. I can help get your app idea off the ground or make it better.

Examples of some of the services I can help with:

Building a prototype or full 1.0 of your iPhone app idea.

I work efficiently and can take your idea to market quickly. I can work from someone else's designs to create a finished app, or build a prototype from scratch with a clean, approachable design.

1-3 months, $5-20k

Taking your Mac or iPhone app to the next level.

If you don't need a new app, I can jump into an existing project and provide both feedback on the user experience, and contribute layout improvements to make the app easier to use. A few small changes to improve the usability or onboarding experience can be a great investment.

2-3 weeks, $3-6k

Creating and scaling your server API.

Many of my apps have a web services component and server infrastructure that I developed alongside the client app. I have years of experience using Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, MySQL, Postgres, Memcache, and Redis. My Tweet Marker service has over 100,000 users and received an Editor's Choice award from Macworld.

1-2 months, $6-14k

What's next? Send me an email with a quick summary of your project.

The schedules and costs above are just examples. I'm happy to work on a custom proposal for a variety of budgets. For most projects, I'll send an initial invoice for half the full payment at the start of the project.