Wii Transfer includes a built-in lightweight web server for sharing movies (Flash video), music (MP3s, unprotected AACs), and photos (JPEGs) to your Nintendo Wii over the local network. Music is available by playlist, artist, album, or search. Photos are shown using your existing iPhoto albums.

To get started, click the Sharing item in the left pane of the main Wii Transfer window. To turn on sharing, click the "Share media" checkbox. If you would like to require a password for viewing music or photos, also check the "Require password" checkbox in the Preferences window and type in a password. You will need to type this password using the Wii's on-screen keyboard.

With sharing enabled, you will see an IP address URL displayed in the window. This is the address of the computer running Wii Transfer. Write this address down, including the port number after the ":", because you will need to enter this address on the Wii.

If you register a bookmark URL, you will not need to remember or enter the IP address. See Bookmarking for details.

Note: The IP address will likely change over time, depending on how your home network is setup. If you have difficulty connecting to Wii Transfer sharing, double-check that you are entering the correct address on your Wii. If you continue to have problems, restarting Wii Transfer should clear up any connectivity issues.

Next, turn on your Nintendo Wii and click on the Internet Channel. If the Internet Channel is not yet available on your Wii, you will be prompted to update the Wii's software. Click "Enter a Web Address" and type the IP address and port number shown in the Wii Transfer sharing pane.

Once Wii Transfer sharing is shown on your Wii, use the Wii Remote to click and navigate the menus to play music or watch picture slideshows.

Demo limits: The Play All and Shuffle links are disabled in the demo version of Wii Transfer, and photo albums will be shown with a watermark. Movies are also converted without sound. To remove these restriction, please purchase a full license for Wii Transfer. See Purchasing.

Learn more: Bookmarking, Network Setup, Streaming Movies with Flash Video, Picture Limits, AAC Music Files, Navigating in Opera, Port Numbers.